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Focal Point manufactures and supplies high quality Point of Sales tools, including:
POP sign clips
POP Sign Holders
POP Ceiling display clips
POP Display construction
POP Product Merchandising
POP Hooks
Suction cups

We are a manufacturer in the Point of Sales industry for 20+ years. We produce injection molded sign clips from small to mega size. Every year, we develop Point of Sales products for our customers to display signage for merchandise. Our products include sign clips for shelf top display, shelf edge display or floor display. Our products help you to increase sales in your stores. Your will find positive effect after using Point of Sales tools in your stores; by using temporary display or permanent display tools.

We supply Point of Sales products in short lead time with stable quality. We also can develop molds for you if you provide engineering drawings to us.

If you have needs for sign display or promotion sign clips in stores, please contact us at: